106 students enrolled

Rua Dar-Es-Salam, No 503-A, Bloco Nove Chimoio

Telephone: (+258) 251-24288

E-mail: cis.chimoio@gmail.com

Chimoio International School Parents’ Association (CISPA)

All parents who have children at the school automatically become members of the Chimoio International School Parents’ Association. This non-profit Association has overall responsibility for the running of the school, and the definition of its management policies and pedagogical practices. As such, parents are invited to participate in becoming board members and shoulder management responsibilities. Parents should also contribute to the development of the school by actively participating in the General Assembly, which is held twice a year, as well as any other activities as announced by the school board. A copy of the Statutes of CISPA is given to all parents upon enrolling their children in Chimoio International School.

CIS Administrative Team

Directing the school is the Pedagogical Director, who is responsible for the academic standards of the school, and is a liaison between students, teachers and parents. Together with the teacher Division Heads, the Pedagogical Director monitors the quality of teaching at the school, and develops and implements teacher development plans. The Pedagogical Director also conducts child assessments and teacher interviews. The Pedagogical Director also has teaching responsibilities. He works together with the School Board, and with parents, to maintain and improve the standard of the school. Any comments and/or suggestions, which will lead to the improvement of the school and the services that it offers, are welcome and should be directed to the Pedagogical Director.

Chimoio International School also employs an Administrative Assistant who is responsible for general administration, the finances, the procurement of supplies, and overseeing the cleaning and guard staff. The Pedagogical Director and Administrative Assistant are responsible to the Parent's Association through the School Board and are chosen by the School Board on behalf of the parents.

If you wish to speak with the Pedagogical Director or the Administrative Assistant, see the times they are available or make an appointment. Appointments can be made with the Pedagogical Director between 14:00-16:00. The Administrative Assistant is available during the opening hours of the office, from 7:45-15:45 Mondays to Fridays.

CIS School Board

The School Board of Chimoio International School oversees the running and development of the school. The board is composed of a president, vice-president and secretary elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years (renewable), as well as a minimum of three and a maximum of five regular members (of whom at least one must have a child in pre-school, another with a child between grade 1 and 3, and a third with a child between grade 4 and 10).

Persons other than parents may be co-opted onto the board for a specific time or function if it is felt that their expertise is required.

Board members are elected for a period of up to two years in a voluntary capacity, after which they may nominate themselves for re-election.

The School Board must present to the General Assembly reports on the activities and accounts of the previous semester as well as the plan of activities and budget for the coming semester.

Parents wishing to raise any issues at the School Board meetings may do so through one of the school board members.

All minutes from the meetings, along with the financial reports, are kept at the school and are available to parents on request.